Film Music

Casi Perfecta, short film

Music by: Karius Vega – Saint Viere


  • Special Jury Award for the 2nd Iberoamerican Short Film Festival ABC (Madrid, Spain)
  • 1st Prize Short Film Festival 1st “Vision Riparian” of Villa Constitución, (Santa Fe, Argentina)
  • Official Selection of Short Films Shows “Jujuy Short 2010” (Argentina)
  • Official Selection “Short Fictions the 2nd Season” (on Canal A)

Synopsis: She will sacrifice all she has in order to belong into the beautiful girl’s swimming pool. But the last publicity picture will make her realize how far she is to be perfect. But it may be too late.

Director: Gustavo Trimaglio
Writer: Gustavo Trimaglio
Stars: Sabrina Casale
Filming Locations: Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina

Source: IMDB

Music by: Karius Vega – The Breakthrough

Director: Ginc. Cubed

Story: Ginc. / Trimaglio

DP: David Hotos

Produccion: Jaime Luis Gomez

Post.Edit: Ginc./Lucia Otero Pedreza

Created for Fenavid’s One Minute Film Competition.


Belen Hofmann

Luna Cortez

Jaime Luis Gomez

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