Driving industrial rhythms, highly dynamic progressions, a hint of elegance, a variety of hard dNb, spontaneous IDM, zone out chill out, and ambient Electronic, Drum ‘n Bass/Jungle


Astral Selections

Flowing melodic movements and select chill-out vibes set the stage for a journey through compassion, deep vibrant emotions that strike the very core. Flowing gracefully,  the listener may “Relinquish Space and Time” Electronic, Drum ‘n Bass/Jungle

Intellectual Explorations

Highly dynamic and engaging experimental, along with some chillout.

Electronic, Experimental

A rrest In sanity

Melodies and abstract rhythms tie the pieces together, highly melodic with feelings and experiences over the entire spectrum. A unique approach to IDM, creating fantastic environments great for chilling or dancing

Music To the Eyes

The first half is an electronica dream featuring different genres,  from IDM to dNb with hard-hitting emotions and fun, free dance tracks. Tracks such as Music to the Eyes with an urban, colorful feeling joining syncopated rhythms that have near hip hop quality with chill

Fluorescent Sound Experiment

The album features ambient-esque tracks with fast drum n bass rhythms, chill-out downtempo, and heartfelt emotion. Great for chilling out, dancing, driving.